Shall we dance

Shall we dance
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제목: Shall we dance



등록일: 2007-03-10 21:19
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Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days sturggling


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Your post carptues the issue perfectly!


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Great common sense here. Wish I'd thhguot of that.


Just what the doctor <a href="">orreded,</a> thankity you!


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boxes filled with books crowd. there are women and children, some waist Kua sword, shoulder carrying guns man. noisy sound into one, the leader had to repeat his words several times, so that all people can listen to understand there are among us all a wide variety of people, they believed in different gods. the only thing I believe in God is Allah, I swore to him that I will do everything we can to do the best thing, in order to once again conquer the deserts. I hope that each of you has your own heart, to believe in God swear, under no circumstances should obey me in the desert, disobedience means death. "the crowd let out a murmur, everyone whispered to himself believed in God swear. The boy swore to Christ. The British remained silent. Murmur duration than simply made a vow to be longer, because people also pray to God to bless gave a long number of sound up, people have to ride their livestock. The boy and the British bought camels, they have some difficulty climbed hump. British boys riding camels feel sad, because it wants laden with several boxes of heavy books simply a coincidence does not exist. "Said the Englishman, in an attempt to continue their warehouse in the beginning of false happiness, but to see him (her) that happiness is really indescribable bitterness. But, those first so-called naive, will become mature in the dust, sinking pure heart, will eventually be in the years to bleach the vicissitudes of appearance, then, that a simple smile, a little happiness, hugs have become wanton the dusty memories, and that the road behind us is called to grow!Look up the tide will still be returned, it still was the flow of the appearance, but some things, twist once, it is hard to restore its original appearance, for example - love. Perhaps, very often, it is that we expect too much, so much disappointed, because understand, no longer hysterical, gradually become quiet. Over time, the body will unconsciously give birth to something called cautious antibody.The best love can stand the time of grinding, the test stand the distance, you can instant sensation, can also be attributed to flat bloom again when the wedding day. Two people together, often do not know how precious love, thinking that it is just a normal life, although sweet, but bland, but once separated, the kind of feeling one's heart is cut off, it will let you know the original plain life is the greatest gift of love, because love was in the flat and show its real long. I thought, only broke our hearts to prove that the feeling of love came later, beginning to understand, that sweet feeling of love is the traces of the painful feeling just as reconciled. If you can, in this life, to be a gentle woman, no longer begging for love, do not dust the flowers, offer the promenade years, we found an ordinary, simple love, if this desire can be a little luxury, I want it intact.[For years] streamerIn this romantic turn clouds, dust-free season in Autumn, I can not do forgive bright as the sun, happy, smiling, forgive me so quiet silent, alienated deserted. I just want to leaning against the window, watching a falling Raindance, read a chapter Que warm words, the only way I will not bored of Language and such incompetent and weak situation, sorrow. In fact, I just do not want people to visit, do not want to be sympathy, just want a quiet daze Ye Hao, Ye silent, scattered or.There is always a period of time, I became very indifferent, did not want to talk to anyone, do not want to send text messages to anyone, and do not want to contact anyone, just buried himself

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